College Life

Adjusting to college life

Adjusting to the college life is a little harder than I anticpiated. It has been fun the past few days getting to know my roomates, exploring the campus, attending all the welcome week events, and even getting used to the treterous walk from SOVI to Main Campus ( i dont know how im going to do that multiple times a week). It has been hard to come “home” to a dorm room, knowing I wont be coming home to my mom, or family. I am pretty homesick, but i know it will get better once I make more friends, and get to know the campus even more. I have been a little stressed because I think I am going to change my major from nursing to journalism, or communications. I havent quite made up my mind yet, but i dont think i am cut out for nursing as much as i wanted to be. My dream was to work with kids, but i think God is changing my path a little. Classes start tomorrow, my first class is at 930 am, so i am going to head to bed pretty soon, to make sure I am fully rested for my two classes. I am putting my full trust in God that He has a plan for my life


2 thoughts on “Adjusting to college life”

  1. I love that you are writing on your blog again! Keep your heart and your mind open to all opportunities and keep your eyes open for small miracles daily! You will do great ~ and remember to capitalize your “i’s” 😉 xoxo


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