College Life

All about the first Semester

I apologize in advance for the length of this post, but I threw in some photos so it’s not all words 😉

It’s now the middle of December which means two things: Christmas trees, and semester break. I am so glad to have a few weeks off of school to regroup, and catch up with old friends. It’s crazy how my first semester is already over. It went by so fast. I remember walking into FGCU and thinking that 3 months was going to last an eternity. I was wrong.

There were so many ups and downs of being in college for the first time. I love my roommates and I have made amazing friends. But no one prepares you for the endless hours you spend doing homework, or studying for an exam. One thing that college has taught me so far is to prioritize my time, I would spend countless hours studying for one class, just to realize I haven’t opened my book for my other classes. College has taught me how to be on my own, and take care of myself. Going into college I was super independent already, but it’s definitely different being in college because it’s all up to you. I really found myself a lot once I started school at FGCU. One thing that got me through all the craziness of studying was the sunsets at FGCU. They were always goregous.

One of my roommates


A goregous sunset after a few hours of studying with Oliva


Originally, I was a nursing major, and I thought that’s where God wanted me, but after a lot of tears and confusion, I realized nursing wasn’t for me. I decided to major in education instead, and I could not be happier with my decision. I have a big heart for kids, and I know this is where God wants me. He has answered my prayers and guided me in my path. I was defintely so excited that I would not have to take biology, although I was still stuck taking math, which ended up being okay because I had a friend from my freshman year of high school in there with me. Nothing better than a friend you have known since you were 14 to help with Algebra.


My relationship with God was rocky throughout my first semester. I did not really want to go to church. I remember starting Ignite, and going with my roommate. I really enjoyed it, so I continued to go. One day I was talking with my roommate and she was telling me about her small group, I liked the idea of being in a small group, so she showed me how to sign up, and soon enough, Katie texted me. Katie is now my small group leader, and I couldn’t be happier. The girls in my small group are such wonderful people, and they have brought me so much closer to God. They have been by my side through every rough patch I have had in college. College is defintely a lot easier with a good group of people by your side. I have counted my blessing this semester, and by far my small group is one of the biggest. I know that I can count of them to keep me sane during finals week, and to make sure I am reading my bible. 😉




-Taylor Kate


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