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Changing the world: Despite how hard it seems

Ever since I was in high school I always had the urge to change the world. People always told me that it would be too impossible. “The world is just too messed up” they would say. I took a step back, and thought about it. The world is a messed up place, but everyone can make a difference if they try. Right now I am in the process of writing a book. I know that won’t change the world drastically, but it is sure a start.

Just yesterday I was at my friend Jeanine’s house. We met in 9th grade and have stayed close friends ever since. We were doing our typical thing of binge watching fuller house, cooking lunch, and we even went for a walk. As we were walking we were talking about our lives, first semester of college, and just how hard we both anticipate second semester to be. We got off on a tangent about our separate majors, and changing the world. Jeanine started to talk about how hard it is to change the world, but how that isn’t going to stop any of us. If you want is bad enough you will keep trying until you succeed. We had a really good talk that day, and it really put a lot in my mind to think about (and write about of course).

God puts us all on earth for a reason, we aren’t just here. Everyone of us has a path to walk and people to impact. Isn’t it crazy to think about the hundreds of people you haven’t met yet? There are so many people who are just waiting for you to walk into their paths. They aren’t aware it’s going to happen, and honestly neither are you. The only one who knows is God.

“With one kind gesture you can change a life. One person at a time you can change the world. One day at a time we can change everything.” -Steve Maraboli

– Taylor Kate


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