College Life

The Roommate

“What I love most about my home is who I share it with”

Warning, this week I am taking a break from writing for a purpose and instead I am going to write a blog post on Hannah, one of my roommates because I said I would just for fun….This should be interesting.

The summer before I started college, I was searching for roommates that I could see myself living with. One day I was strolling through the FGCU Facebook page, and I read a post from a girl named Hannah Morris, who was looking for a roommate. Her post said something along the lines “I’m looking for a roommate, I love Jesus, tea, and finding Nemo…etc.” (It didn’t say finding nemo, but now I know she loves finding nemo) After trying to stalk her facebook page, I messaged her and we started to talk and after a few hours of conversing we decided that it would be fun to live together. We both had some of the same interests, and she seemed normal. So I went with it. I am glad I did. God led me to the right person.

Flash forward… summer was over…it was move in day!! I was excited to meet Hannah, and our other roommate who was a random. Move in day was busy, and there were a lot of people in our little dorm room trying to get us all unpacked. After all the families left we all talked and got to know each other. I was thanking God that I had good roommates. I knew it was going to be a successful year in room 327.

It took some time for us to all get used to living together, but now it is second semester, and I feel like I have known these girls forever. Hannah and I have a funny friendship, our conversations usually fall under the lines of talking about our love for babies,sunsets, Jesus, or how ants should not exist in the world. Hannah is a great human to be around. She is positive, and her love for Jesus flows through her, it is noticeable, and inspiring.  I am thankful to have a roommate who loves Jesus just as much as I do.

This semester we have started having lunch together in between our classes and it’s fun to just hangout, get help with my math homework, eat, and talk about whatever has been happening that day. There is never a dull moment when we are together. We are laughing at each other, and our funny exchanges.

I count myself blessed this semester, I always hear stories about how freshman year roommates are usually bad, but I am so lucky, that mine are wonderful.

Taylor Kate 

Sunset Viewing and the only picture I have with Hannah
sunsets, Jesus’ lovely painting in the sky
One of our many funny exchanges
Finite math is awful but Hannah was supportive when I was freaking out today, and another reference to Jesus

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