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Miracles Happen

A few months ago my mom decided to share the story about me when I was 2 years old. I don’t remember this event in my life, but I have heard about it so many times, from a lot of people. Here it goes:

My mom and I were at the Gandy target, shopping for floaties, and salmon, because after our trip to the store I was supposed to go swimming with my best friend Hannah, and my mom was trying to get dinner as well. I was sitting in the back of the cart, and my mom turned around to get lettuce and I stood up, when I stood up I fell out of the cart, and hit the ground head first. My mom was 9 months pregnant with my brother so it was hard for her to bend down and pick me up. As soon as they saw blood, someone called 911 and my dad. They rushed me to the ER, and ran tests and went through a period of time where everyone thought I was going to die. The percentage of me living as a two-year old after that was blood loss was a slim chance. But, I made it out of my subdural hematoma surgery okay, and the doctors were very happy, as was my family. But then I started having seizures, which was terrifying, my dad sat at my bed side and cried to God “take me but please don’t take my daughter”. They put me on seizure medicine for 6 months and I was done with my seizures, thank God. I was released to go home from the hospital, but then my mom had my brother. My brother was named after “Dr. Thomas” who saved my life. That was the surgeon who did the most crucial surgery of my life. I then went through months of painful therapy because I was 2 but was functioning like I was only 6 months. It took a lot of strength for me and my parents. I lost all strength in the right side of my body, so at 2 I trained myself to be left-handed, I couldn’t talk or walk anymore either, I lost it all. To this day the right side of my body is significantly weaker. Hearing this story from my mom, honestly makes me so thankful to be living today. I can walk, talk, and write, and it is a miracle. God chose to keep me on this earth, and I think that is amazing. I don’t know for what reason He kept me here but one day I will find out. I really wish I could find that doctor and thank him for saving my life. I also wish my dad was still here so I could thank him for never leaving my side.


Lately I have been suffering from intense migraines, and after having such a bad head injury in my past it makes it that much more scary. Yesterday morning, I went to the ER because on the previous night I had been experiencing such intense pain, and vomiting. While I was in the ER they gave me fluids, and helped me to hydrate because my body was severely dehydrated. Thankfully, they told me that I had no symptoms of a new brain bleed so that was reassuring. A few hours later they discharged me and I was able to come home and rest. I slept the whole day pretty much, and this morning I am starting to feel better. I have a lot of appointments in front of me with neurologists and an internal medicine doctor to make sure nothing is happening in my skull from my previous accident, and to get some permanent medicine for my migraines. These past few days have really helped me to be grateful for the days that I feel well. I appreciate the prayers and support I have gotten from my friends lately.

” I will restore you to health aid heal your wounds, declares the Lord” -Jeremiah 30:17

Have a good weekend everyone,

Taylor Kate


2 thoughts on “Miracles Happen”

  1. This is so encouraging. God has blessed you with so much. It makes me think of the verse John 13:7, “You do not realize now what I am doing, but later you will understand.” One day it will all make sense!

    Much love,
    Ashley | dearash.com

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