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Finding God In The Midst Of Life’s Craziness

“And every day the world will drag you by the hand yelling, “This is important! And this is important! You need to worry about this! And this! And this!” And each day it’s up to you to yank your hand back and say, “No. This is what’s important.” – Iain Thomas

If you were around for my last blog post, then you know my summer has been completely crazy. But I did find God so much during these crazy months. Let’s face it, life is not always going to be perfect, and honestly it will probably be crazier as I get older. I have learned more than anything this summer that despite the insanity, I have to look for God in the small places in my life.

Here are a few places that I found God in the midst of craziness:

1. In the little boys I watched tonight: I am finally feeling well enough to babysit again (praise God), nothing makes me happier than being able to be back with some of my favorite kiddos. Walking through my neighbor’s door today, and seeing my little boys filled me with a joy that is hard to describe. I had an instant smile on my face, and the night was great. It is so easy to find God in these kids, they are so loving, and always make me laugh. Whether we are wrestling on the couch, or they are splashing me with water when they are in the tub (yes I got soaked tonight) they are always smiling, and filled with love. I thank God all the time for my littles that I get to watch. 

2. The conversations I have had with my friends: I lean on very few people when things get tough, but the other night was pretty tough for me. I was able to see God through my friends, and their kindness towards me. I texted the few people who I trust and know will help me out of any funk. My friend Lexie was one of the first people who I texted, it was a simple conversation but she told me that I am worth something to her, and through the tears that were streaming down my face, I smiled. That meant a lot to me to hear that night. It is the littlest things that mean the most to me. I went to sleep thankful for friends like her. Today I facetimed Faith, and I helped her with a paper she was writing, and then we started talking about my dad. That is a sensitive topic for me, and after I got off the phone with her she texted me that I was strong, and that she loves me. That made everything a little easier. I miss her, and wish she didn’t live so far away. I got coffee with my friend Maggie today and the last time I saw her was when I was recovering from my surgery. It was nice to take a walk with her today, and catch up over coffee. We are both getting ready to go to college in a few weeks, so I cherish the hours we get to spend together because soon we will be like eight hours away from each other. I also saw my friend Alejandra today, we had a heart to heart conversation because I had to rant about everything that was going on in my life, and she gladly listened, and gave me advice, as well as laughed with me about the drama. She always centers me, and helps me find God in whatever it is that I am going through. I am sooo grateful for the friends who I can see God shining through, without people like them I wouldn’t be able to get through the stuff I have. 

3. The Jesus music I listen to: So lately I have been fully invested in my “Jesus Jams” playlist on Spotify. Whenever I need a pick me up, I always turn on that playlist. I have probably close to 130 songs on that playlist, and I listen to the same like 10 over and over again. I listen to the ones that help me see God, and feel reassured. My few favorites are as followed; Oceans by Hillsong United, You Lifted Me Out by Chris Tomlin, Even When It Hurts (praise song) Hillsong United, Guilty by Newsboys, Good Good Father (Live) by Curt Vernon and Julie Futch, Anything Is Possible by Matthew West, Testify by NEEDTOBREATHE, and lastly, I’ll Show You How To Live by Steven Curtis Chapman. These songs helped me get through my surgery, and the other trials I have faced. There is nothing better than some good worship music. I love being able to hear God’s voice and feel His presence through music. 

I am always looking for new songs, so I would love to hear your what your favorite pick me up song is! 

 If you want to access my Jesus Jams Playlist the link is: ‘

It is so important to always find the little things in life that help you find God, and things that just make you happy. Jesus and happiness are two very important things in this life.

“When you can see God in small things, you’ll see God in all things.”
― Donald L. Hicks

Have a great weekend everyone!


-Taylor Kate




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