Faith and Christianity

Stop Running From God & Start Trusting Him

“In times of change, when you feel paralyzed by confusion, find a moment to pause and commit to trusting God” -Nikki Robles

Trusting God is a huge challenge that I am facing right now. When I go through struggles I run from God rather than running towards God. Just recently I finally opened up my bible again to start reading again. For the past few months, I have been on and off with wanting to open up my bible. I started to read the book of Job. In the book of Job, He is faced with struggles that God allowed. God literally says to Satan ” Have you considered my servant job? No one else on earth is like him, a man of perfect integrity, who fears God and turns away from evil.” God allows us to go through hard times for His glory. God’s glory has the final word, and if we keep focused on God in our times of trial, the trials will be easier to go through. Our battles don’t come from God, they come from Satan, as we see in Job. Satan tries to pull us away from God with stuff that we go through. I have a lot of anxiety, and I know that is not from God, but it is something that is definitely keeping me from Him. I find it hard to find the right words to say to God when I am facing stuff like this. Having anxiety sucks on so many levels. At times, it makes me feel like I am not wanted, or even loved by my friends, and the people in my life. My roommate continues to tell me that it isn’t true, and I know that it’s probably not, but it’s just stuff that the Devil is trying to get me to believe. I think it was last week or the week before where I was talking to my roommate, and she had told me to open up my devotional and read it that night. She knew what the topic of it was as she was telling me that I needed to read it. Well, I opened it up, and the words that started the sentence were “Every time you affirm your trust in me.” Upon reading that, I paused and just stared at those words. I knew that it was God telling me that I needed to trust Him again. The next night I went to read my devotional before bed, and the topic was trust. That was two nights in a row. I was blown away and just knew that God was trying to reach me, and tell me to stop running away from Him.

As I am continuing on this walk towards trusting God, I am praying that God will give me the strength to grow in Him, and feel less anxiety as the outcome.

Here is another article that I wrote about Trusting God.

Have a great week everyone,

-Taylor Kate


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