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It Was Just A Dream

"There are times when I question why you have to be gone. I know that I will never get the answer, but it doesn't stop me from wondering" A little over a month ago, I experienced a loss of a friend. I went to high school with her, and she was one of the kindest,… Continue reading It Was Just A Dream

Daily life


This past week was my Thanksgiving break. There is nothing better than having a week off of school. At this point in the semester, school is hard and stressful. Due dates are never-ending, and school work just seems to consume my time. I was so lucky that I was not only able to get a… Continue reading Reunited

Daily life

How I Have Found God In The Midst Of My Current Trials

If you were around last summer then you probably heard about everything I went through in that year. My freshman year of college, and the summer after was consumed by headaches, which often turned to migraines, and in the end just turned out to be one big sinus infection. While enduring all this pain, I… Continue reading How I Have Found God In The Midst Of My Current Trials